Free Time Bonuses

Free Time Bonuses create an environment that can yield a lot of confidence in the person playing. They are sometimes the little things that can help someone determine whether or not he or she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The second or third chances that one is given in life don’t come in abundance so one should capture any chance by the throat should it present itself. The free time bonus offers this plus so much more.

Top Rated Free Time Bonuses

Casino Name Bonus Details Play Review Software Bonuses Software Games
Crazy Vegas $3,000 + 1hr free play Play Now 95% Microgaming 95% 97% 93%
Golden Riviera $2,500 + 1hr free play Play Now 95% Microgaming 95% 97% 93%

What are Casino Free Time bonuses?

People might be mistaken and all excited to think that the word “free” as used in this context means that there will be free gambling money. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as casino free time bonus refers to duration that a player is awarded. The player is allowed to play for a particular time with a set amount of money for free. One is only allowed to retain any amount of money after the time has elapsed. It should be noted that there is a limit to the amount of money that one can retain after the free time is over.

A good example to familiarize and help one relate with the term would be slots allocated a budget of $1000 with two hours of free time. The player can then head off with a particular amount of money that he or she would have won during the two hours awarded to them. It’s a feature that a lot of people would really fancy trying out without any second thoughts. Its advantages are quite clear and obvious for all to see.


There is such a thing as a ‘bad hand’ in gambling. You should look it up or just stop gambling all together if you aren’t interested in finding out. Casino free time bonus is an innovative tool that can help you identify the status of your hands; whether they are good or bad. Expert gamblers know when to call it quits and wait for another day to represent their claim. Witnessing a bad run while on the casino’s free time should be a clear indication to one on whether or not he or she should quit. One might find it hard but only discipline is what will separate a professional from an addict who’s a plain loser.

How to use them

One will be able to know the true value of his or her time when using this feature. This is evident as his or her time’s worth will clearly be displayed once the time spent playing the games has elapsed. The user will have the privilege of using the amount of money won as he or she pleases. Users can opt to play it again and win more money.

Users are highly advised to read the terms and conditions, as it’s where the rules about the casino free time bonus are stipulated. Failure to adhere to any of the rules might see one forfeit the reward, so don’t assume them.

An example of this bonus is the £3,000 free play casino bonus. All winnings made by this bonus can be kept, but in order to claim the winnings from your free play account to your read money account, you have to make a minimum deposit. They are then kept as bonus money that come with terms and conditions that have to be met before withdraw is requested.

How much Can I Win?

This depends on the casino and the size of the bonus. In our above-mentioned example, the maximum amount that can be won with the free play bonus and transferred into your casino account is 100 credits. Any amount over that will not be transferred. To be eligible to claim your winnings of the £3,000 one hour free casino bonus, you will need to have won anything over and above the original 3000 credits up to 100 credits.

How Do I Claim The Winnings?

Before you transfer your winnings from the bonus into your real account, you must make a minimum deposit of 25 credits. In order to transfer your winnings into your real money casino account, you also may need to place a minimum number of bets.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

The terms and conditions of the free play bonus include wagering or playthrough requirements, minimum deposit limit to claim the bonus, maximum winnings that can be made and later on withdrawn, and so on.

Our example of £3,000 free play bonus can be used for an hour and players can keep the winnings if they make a minimum deposit of 25 credits within seven days. These winnings will automatically be closed at the end of these 7 days. Transferred as bonus money, players then have to meet the standard terms and conditions before they can cash it out.

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