Responsible Gambling

With the majority of players gambling at online sites, viewing gambling as means of entertainment is the best way to stay in control of your play. However, problem gambling still exists among the players.

How to Avoid Problem Gambling

Remember the following tips that will help you stay in control or your play and spending:

  • View online gambling as entertainment, not as a job.
  • Control your bankroll and the money you spend on gambling. Do not borrow money and don’t spend more than you can afford. Additionally, don’t chase your losses.
  • Keep note of the time you send on gambling.

Even though provides information for entertainment only, we acknowledge that online gambling may cause problems for some people. The problems range from spending a lot of money to developing a real gambling addiction. We are committed to providing and maintaining responsible environment for everything we offer.

Deposit Limits

One way to control how much you spend is by setting up deposit limits. These limits should be set on daily, weekly and monthly basis. How much you bet on a game is also important so set up spending limits, keep tract of it and don’t chance losses.

Self- Exclusion

In addition to setting deposit and spending limits, you should set a period of self- exclusion from a gambling site. Contact the customer support staff to help you with this. Setting a period of self- exclusion means that you will not be able to access a gambling site nor receive any promotional or commercial material from it.

Protection fully supports the minimum age of being able to gamble online and that limit is 18. However, some jurisdictions carry an older minimum age level for gambling so players should check this first.

We ensure that we do not promote our information and services to children nor encourage them to visit our site as well as sign up with an online gambling site. However, with shared family computers and lap tops, children can easy get access to gambling sites.

Therefore, additional protection is required. For instance, there are a number of software filters that block underage users from gambling online. It is also advisable to visit problem gambling institutions or websites if you have a gambling problem.

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