Casino Cash Back Bonuses for 2017

Casino Cash Back Bonuses for 2017

Cash Back Bonuses

By definition, a casino cash back bonus is a percentage of money refunded to the user if he or she happens to incur a certain amount of loses for a stipulated amount of time. The logic behind it is really self-explanatory, and requires one’s commitment and attention. It should be noted that a lot of casino cash back bonuses are only valid if the user incurs the loss during that time stipulated; otherwise, it becomes null and void if the user has loses during other periods.

Casino Cash Back Bonuses

Cash back bonuses shouldn’t necessarily be awarded for losses only, as many might think. On the contrary, cash back bonuses might be awarded as a percentage of net wins. Users will be able to comprehend this more if they take the time to look into Casino cash back bonuses explained.
The other advantage is that a considerable number of cash back bonuses don’t come with a wagering fee. This is news that is welcomed by a lot of people who by now have developed a huge dislike for wagering requirements. It might not suit everyone, but it’s a requirement that creates a fair and just playing environment for everybody involved. To make things simple and put them in perspective, the casino experience wouldn’t be the same without it.

Our Pick of Cash Back Bonuses

Casino Name Bonus Details Play Review Software Bonuses Software Games
Maple Casino up to 15% cash back Play Now 95% Microgaming 95% 97% 93%
River Nile up to 10% cash back Play Now 95% Microgaming 94% 97% 93%
Sun Vegas up to 10% cash back Play Now 93% Microgaming 89% 97% 93%
Play2Win up to 15% cash back Play Now 92% RealTime Gaming 92% 92% 93%
Old Havana up to 20% cash back Play Now 90% RealTime Gaming 96% 87% 88%
Winner Casino up to 25% cash back Play Now 90% Playtech 85% 92% 93%


A player must have a high tolerance for risk if he or she intends to play with cash back bonuses. An in depth looks at Casino cash back bonuses explained will expound further.

Clear play bonuses and sticky bonuses are more or less similar to cash back on loss when put in a mathematical context. The secret is to cash out as early as possible to gain maximum benefits.


Looking at the example of the cash back bonuses explained should give users an idea of what the offer is all about.
Think of a 25% cash back bonus that is up to $100. Should a user wager on and lose or gain $400, then he or she will either gain or lose $400 during wagering. He or she will have only lost a net total of approximately $300 if the user either considers, or gets awarded, the 25% cash back bonus that is up to $100. The EV of the bonus will be given by (400-300/2), which is $50.